Ron Fritsch grew up on a farm in northern Illinois. He graduated from the University of Illinois and Harvard Law School. He lives in Chicago with his partner of many years, David Darling.

Fritsch has published seven award-winning novels and will soon publish his eighth: The Lord Chamberlain’s Daughter. (For more information on his latest mystery, please visit

Cordelia Lionheart is his take on the story of King Lear’s youngest daughter. As Cordelia’s sisters and the oppressive lords maneuver to depose Lear, Cordelia and her childhood friend Garred ally themselves with the farmers, servants and other working people. In this coming-of-age, alternate-history, medieval tale, Cordelia must find a way to bring about the new Britain her comrades are prepared to fight and die for.

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His Grandfather’s House is a coming-of-age mystery set during the first eighteen years of the life of Kurt Reinhart in the middle of the 1900s in a northern Illinois farming community.

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Elizabeth Daleiden on Trial is a courtroom thriller set in a northern Illinois farming community in the late 1970s.

Elizabeth Daleiden on Trial

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Fritsch is also the author of the award-winning four-novel epic Promised Valley series set in prehistory: Promised Valley Rebellion, Promised Valley War, Promised Valley Conspiracy and Promised Valley Peace.

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