Promised Valley Conspiracy

Promised Valley Conspiracy is the third novel in the four-book Promised Valley series by Ron Fritsch.

The farmers and hunters have ended the fighting in the horrific war they started in the second novel, Promised Valley War. Both sides understand, though, that new and possibly even more deadly fighting threatens.

Blue Sky and Wandering Star and their allies among the hunters and farmers realize they must depart from the thoughtless hatred of the past if they want matters to proceed to a favorable conclusion for both peoples. Promised Valley Conspiracy asks whether they can do that.

Reviews (clicking on the review website will take you to the full review):

The US Review of Books: “There is a traditional, epic tone to [Promised Valley Conspiracy] that is reminiscent to Homer’s Iliad or Odyssey. It is a story whose firm, relentless action is the narrative drive of this novel. . . . [It] fascinates with pages filled with excitement and drama. . . . Fritsch’s world is one filled with wondrous surprises, where there are no damaging thoughts among the people toward same-sex unions. . . . It’s refreshing to see the disappearance of negative cultural trappings found in today’s world.”

Kirkus Reviews: “[Promised Valley Conspiracy] explores the ongoing conflict between the valley people, who are prosperous farmers occupying all the richest Promised Valley lands, and the hill people, who inhabit the sparser uplands and live bitterly, believing that their gods promised the valley and its comforts to them. Since the valley people have a similar belief about themselves, a state of dangerous friction exists between the two groups. Savage warfare and desperate diplomacy marked the well-orchestrated events of the first two books, and tensions continue to boil to the surface in this volume. Blue Sky, a stalwart valley person (and one of the most memorable characters of the entire series) says at one point: ‘Fighting in a war is the most disgusting thing a person can do. People in their right mind can’t do it.’. . . These books continue to be an intelligent and involving look at the personal sacrifices of making war and keeping peace.”

Reader Views: “The author’s creativity in writing a series such as this is to be admired. I noticed as the two different peoples learned to see similarities amongst their differences, it is the same in our world today. Lack of understanding of the beliefs of others creates a disconnection and fear among people. Learning to understand and respect the differences makes for a better world whether it is prehistoric or current. There are many valuable lessons to be learned in this story.”

Feathered Quill Book Reviews: “I highly recommend the Promised Valley series. . . . Quill says: A thought-provoking tale of intrigue and ‘what ifs’ had life played out in Promised Valley fashion.”

Promised Valley Conspiracy was the winner of the gold medal in the Gay/Lesbian Fiction category of the 2012 Reader Views Awards competition and the winner of a finalist medal in the General Fiction category of the 2013 Readers’ Favorite Awards competition.